Mission Statement

Based on a holistic view of the human being, on the unity of body, mind and spirit, our work integrates the cognitive, emotional, symbolical and physical interactions in the child’s capacity to be and to act in a social context. To support this, a good relationship between the children, their families and us is essential. Respect, tolerance and acceptance of every individual’s strengths and weaknesses are important values that we incorporate into our daily work.

As the child between 3 and 6 years of age is a “sensory being,” in its fullest sense it learns and understands the world through exploring and copying its surroundings. Therefore we offer the children toys made out of natural materials and a wealth of different sensory and movement experiences.

From many years experience working within an integrative schooling system, the beneficial effects of this holistic approach are evident for all children. Therefore we also invite children with special needs to join our kindergarten.

To ensure that every child has enough room for development, and to ensure the possibility of one-to-one contact with peers and teachers, we maintain a class size of no more than 15 children.


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